We are very proud to offer our clients the ability to extend their Good Life and Wellness Experience with Functional Medicine. This modality incorporates scientific medical testing as another way to discern the root cause of a client’s malady and high-quality supplements as a means of treating the malady. Our supplement providers are food-based, organic, and steeped in decades of rigorous research.

We view the information we receive from laboratory testing through our Chinese medical lens to offer what we believe is the most effective avenue to get to the root cause of a client’s symptoms and treat them as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

In our modern environment, each of us is exposed to thousands upon thousands of chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, xenoestrogens, phthalates, phenols, etc.—a confusing and wholly untested combination that is wreaking havoc upon our body’s neurological and endocrine systems.

According to what we were taught, this is visible in the steadily rising rates of chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, thyroid disorders, and ADD/ADHD, as well as cancer and heart disease.

Our ancient Chinese medical predecessors obviously didn’t have these chemical and CNS disruptors to deal with, at least in the amount and frequency that we do, but their insight into health allows them to be incorporated and understood. By adding Functional Medicine to the spectrum of options available to our clients, we are able to access the latest Western medical advances and technologies while staying within our traditional Chinese medical scope of practice.

We are finding that, while some cases require immediate Western medical insight and intervention, most clients only need the additional insight offered by the testing and the additional strength of the supplements for short periods of time. After which we can continue to use acupuncture, herbal remedies, and diet/ lifestyle coaching to bring a client’s health back into line.

Post-graduate workshops, classwork, online classes, and personal mentoring have enabled us to offer different strata of service to our clients while staying true to our traditional Chinese medical schooling and experience. We welcome your questions and your cases. As always, living the Good Life requires health and well-being, two things we believe that we can offer more readily with the inclusion of Functional Medicine.