We are focused on your safety

Acupuncture Safety
At the Good Life Acupuncture and Wellness Center we are committed to assisting you on your journey to health. All of our practitioners are NCCAOM (www.nccaom.org) certified and have passed a national Clean Needle Certification test. We are trained in multiple needle techniques and work with the patient to have a safe, relaxing, healing treatment.

You are in Control
At all times you are in charge of your health. This applies to your treatment at Good Life Acupuncture. If at any point you are not comfortable or wish to not have a certain modality or technique performed that is your choice. At all times you are in charge of your treatment and are in complete control.

Our commitment to herbal integrity
Whenever possible we use organic and sustainably-sourced herbs and herbal formulas from reputable manufacturers. In all cases our suppliers adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices and so our products are free of pesticides, pharmaceuticals, foreign materials and processed in clean environments. We always will prescribe an herbal formula specifically for your condition and constitution, thus you have the greatest chance to become better. We are very proud to be able to extend this service and we hope you enjoy this personalized service.

In addition we pay close attention to any potential herb-pharmaceutical interactions. Specific training is required by our practitioners and anyone prescribing herbs has passed the national exams in Herbology and is a licensed Clinical Herbalist. In Colorado, this designation is not a requirement, and is a point of pride for us. We want you to be as comfortable and confident coming to our office for your health care as you would be going to your family doctor. Speaking of which, we work closely with our patient’s physicians and look forward to being a part of your health care team.