Foot Soaks/Heart

Heart health can be perfectly enhanced using traditional wisdom and contemporary, cutting edge technology. Assuage your heart and your spirit in a very comfortable, safe and healing environment. Our botanical foot soak will reinvigorate the bloodstream and the stir up detritus in the body which then allows the body’s natural filters to pull toxins and plaques out circulation. Maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system is akin to taking your car in and draining the transmission fluid. Small particulate and old cells gradually settle in the body, forming an unhealthy, clogged area in the feet. Foot soaks reinvigorate and rebuild the body’s essential integrity.

Retain your vitality and connection with loved ones by using our holistic heart diagnostic to determine how life’s stresses and busy-ness are impacting the most important internal organ. The Heart Sound Recorder listens to the very minute movements of the heart and offers visual proof of the rate, rhythm and tone of the musculature within the chest. There is no better way to insure a long, fruitful and compassionate life than by keeping abreast of the health of the heart.

Many people are not aware of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself using food, herbs and natural substances from the earth in combination with mind-body practices and other therapies to create wellness throughout the entire body.