October 7, 2021
by Dr. Stacey Donelson, DACM

Neurodegenerative Diseases

We have been seeing an increase of Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson’s, Neuropathy, and tremors in patients in the last year. When we check with our network of practitioners worldwide, we see confirmation of this. Here is some information on how to support nerve and brain health.
To prevent neurodegeneration (breakdown of nerve and brain tissue) the body needs to stay in a pro-nerve/brain tissue growth phase. One of the best ways to encourage growth in the body is to encourage the pineal gland which is behind the center of the forehead and it’s an acupuncture point which many of you have had received. The name of this point is Yin Tang, and it is used for quieting the mind when there is over activity. When the mind is complaining and chattering, preoccupied, the point is used to wipe the slate clean, to see the spaces between the thoughts. Who among us couldn’t use a bit of quieting of the mind these days?

In fact, it is difficult for the body to repair itself while we are in such a state, and that is part of the benefit of acupuncture. By giving the body a chance to quiet, healing can take place.

In the case of the pineal gland, it stimulates growth in the central nervous system and along with the proper amino acids the body will gradually begin to regrow nerve and brain. While this is a slow process, knowing this can encourage certain lifestyle changes that you can incorporate which can stimulate growth in the nervous system. Here is a list of a few:

Tap the area between the eyebrows

Use a foot roller or have a foot soak

Use brains, nerves, or pineal gland – through supplementation (Neuroplex)

Sit calmly, breathe for 2 minutes, and focus your mind on stillness.

Avoid sugar as much as possible so that Type 2 Diabetes doesn’t take hold.

Hydrotherapy using Hot/Cold Baths to stimulate growth, or Hot and then Cold Showers.

Test for Heavy Metals, mercury is toxic to the Nervous System.

We have had success with patients with nearly all these conditions. If you would like to schedule a preliminary visit to see what the treatment options look like we would be happy to help you. Please feel free to send this to a loved one who may help and Be Well!