Hands-on Work and an old technique.

At Good Life Longmont Acupuncture and Wellness Center we use two ancient techniques called Tui Na and Cupping to relieve pain and increase blood flow. In our classes we are taught that “where there is stagnation there is pain, and where there is free flow there is no pain.” This applies to the both the sensations you may have had after a bruise, or after a surgery. The body will first try to heal an area by flooding it with white blood cells, but after the acute phase is over sometimes that blood never fully gets evacuated and so there is scar-tissue, bruising, left-over white blood cells clogging the area for a long time.

That is where Tui Na and cupping come in. By manually moving that area with hand-work (Tui Na) or with glass or plastic cups that create suction, we can allow fresh blood to enter and heal old wounds. This applies to areas that have just lost their circulation for any number of reasons. Chinese Therapeutic Bodywork is a fantastic way to rejuvenate the muscles, clear out old/stagnant blood and get the body to address the area again.

Similarly, cupping is an excellent way to lift the skin, via a suction action, and enable the muscles to get a fresh influx of blood. By encouraging new blood flow and reducing the stagnation, pain and discomfort are often alleviated and areas that were tight or less useful are limber again.