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Our fertility support program incorporates traditional wisdom to allow your body to return to balance enabling you to feel healthy, strong and vibrant. Once in balance, your body is more than able to create life by having conception and pregnancy happen in perfect alignment with nature.

* Individual results may vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (Click for a full disclaimer).

The guiding principle of our fertility support program is “Life Creates Life”. Your body’s ability to create new life naturally expresses itself in everything you do and all that you are. More specifically, if you are healthy, happy and full of vibrant life your body will be much more receptive and minor complications with your natural fertility can be easily resolved.

This guiding principle helps to inform how we have developed our natural fertility support program. Our program encompasses detailed nutritional, herbal, acupuncture, and mind-body protocols that are tailored to your individual needs.  If you are having challenges, you are not alone as one in six to ten couples report having challenges with conception and fertility. The imbalances that create challenges to becoming more fertile can often be changed with very gradual, natural and painless adjustments to the hormonal and endocrine system. These very nuanced changes can be done with a combination of customized herbal and lifestyle adjustments as well as acupuncture therapy.

Our Experience Assisting Conception

Using acupuncture therapy, personalized herbal prescriptions, focused nutritional supplementation, and mind-body lifestyle guidance, we have assisted many patients with the conditions listed below as well as other challenges that affect fertility and the body’s ability to create and sustain a  healthy pregnancy and the birth of healthy babies:

  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Poor Ovarian Reserve
  • High FSH
  • Thin endometrial lining
  • Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Amenorrhea
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Advanced maternal age
  • Unexplained infertility
  • Recurrent miscarriage
  • Male factor issues such as low sperm count, motility, or morphology

Success Stories

We have assisted families with fertility struggles in their quest to have healthy babies. Many if not most of them had tried western medical fertility treatments without seeing success, while others opted for a natural route, and some couples were told by their doctors that they could not conceive unless they used IVF or were told that they had little to no chance of ever conceiving a child. Here are four examples:

  • After several years of trying, a 38 year-old lawyer came to see us. She had already had one healthy pregnancy and as a result she had one child. She’d done several cycles with western pharmaceuticals and only had one pregnancy that ended with a miscarriage after six weeks. We worked together for four months using acupuncture and herbs, after which she conceived on her own. Her healthy baby girl was delivered last year. This all transpired right before she had planned to begin using expensive injectable drugs. She was especially grateful not to have to shell out the funds for that!
  • Last year we worked with an engineer, 45 years old, that did a fresh IVF cycle. Her last menses, months earlier, did not work, but she insisted that her doctor try one more. We provided support, and with weekly acupuncture we enabled her to have a period after only six weeks. Despite the fact that only one egg was produced (the same as her previous round), she became pregnant. She now is a mother of a wonderfully healthy baby girl!
  • A young woman in her late-thirties with a stressful upper-management position came to our clinic after having miscarried at six weeks. Her OB told her that she would need IUI with drugs or IVF to conceive. With our help she decided to try to conceive naturally first. After three months of treatment she conceived naturally and after a full-term pregnancy delivered a healthy baby boy.
  • A local university administrator was referred to us at age 43 for help after two fresh IVF cycles and one with donor eggs. All were miscarriages. Over a period of three months we helped her prepare for her next donor cycle. Since then she has had two healthy pregnancies, both full term, and now has two healthy daughters. Before coming to the clinic her pregnancies had only lasted eight weeks.
  • An otherwise healthy stay-at-home-mom who had her first child at 44 using UIU. While she was waiting to do her first cycle of IVF she came to our clinic to help her prepare. She was ecstatic when, after only 8 weeks of treatment, she conceived naturally and had a healthy baby at home.
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* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (click for a full disclaimer).

Our Healthy Pregnancy Process

Our healthy pregnancy process taps into your body’s innate intelligence and assists the natural orchestration of hormones that is your fertility cycle. Balance is the key to this whole process. We bring together a thorough holistic analysis of your medical history, as well as an understanding of your unique constitution. Laboratory results assist in this foundational understanding of your health up to this point. This combination of information gives us the ability to design holistic and scientific technologies that are on the cutting edge of natural fertility care. You can be assured that you are getting a high degree of accuracy and a great deal of efficacy in your care.

Your treatment program may consist of a combination of the following:

  • A thorough analysis of your health history to determine exactly why your fertility cycle has been disrupted.  This includes the exact type, reason and cause of the disharmony.
  • We will provide a written treatment plan for you specific case that will incorporate alleviation of acute, as well as chronic issues, and a plan to change the root cause of these challenges.
  • Specifically-timed acupuncture treatments that fit with your budget and lifestyle, yet help you body achieve the balance that it so desperately seeks.
  • A focused, customized nutritional support program intended to balance the body’s hormones and boost its glandular system that is grounded in western biomedical knowledge and traditional wisdom.
  • Sophisticated Mind-body meditations and lifestyle guidance that allow you to access the deepest reservoirs of emotional guidance available to us.

Traditional Chinese Obstetrics – 2 millenia of success treating infertility

The first recorded reference to infertility occurred in Chinese Medical texts that date back to the time of Jesus Christ. Women’s Health, specifically treating women’s gynecological issues, has existed as a seperate specialty in Chinese Medicine since the same time frame. For you, this means that when you have your first appointment and enter the process of solving your infertility, you are stepping into a long line of millions of women that have used similar solutions as their primary form of gynecological treatment for ages.

A heart-centered, holistic approach

Whether your path leads you to western medical intervention or to a process of allowing the body to change organically, holistic fertility support offers something amazing – it offers you care of you in your entirety: mind, body and spirit . While western medical intervention is often excellent in areas such as complex microscopic procedures or scientific research, we don’t necessarily fit into simple categories for research, or science. Within eastern medical thinking is an unparalleled understanding and application of treatments that address all of you. The entirety of your body, mind, AND spirit will receive treatment here.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has known for centuries that body, mind and spirit are part of a single, organic whole. Any attempt at healing and wholeness must by definition address all three of these vital aspects of the human being. In other words, the state of hormonal balance and function, and the structure of organs and tissues, influence and are influenced by your current lifestyle, stresses, joys and emotional habits. In place of conventional medicine’s tendency to ignore or overlook mind and spirit as “just emotions” that can skew the result of precious studies, TCM honors and adheres to the natural laws that clearly indicate that all of one’s life has an impact on one’s health, not just the pieces and parts we choose to test. Hence, we include all aspects of your life as a foundational element to our work together.

A win-win for fertility patients

There is no way for any healthcare provider, natural or conventional, to predict when or if you will become pregnant. Nevertheless, we have found that in cases where conception is achieved, it usually happens 90 to 270 days of treatment. In those cases where IUI or IVF is warranted, your reproductive organs will be much better prepared to respond to its fullest potential because of the time you have spent on your fertility program with us.

The investment

Our treatment program is both affordable and cost-effective. Whether you are using natural treatment only, or combining with conventional treatment, our goal is to provide you an option that brings maximum results for the price. A 90 day treatment program, with weekly sessions, acupuncture treatments, meditations and visualizations is much more cost-effective than a single IUI cycle, and a fraction of an IVF cycle. This is especially helpful if you are using our services in combination with IVF.

Your initial consultation is free. Come meet us in person and learn more.

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Or, just call 303-772-0598 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Over The Past 6+ Years, More Than 1,500 Women And Couples Have Trusted Us For Help With Their Fertility.

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* Individual results vary. No guarantee of specific results is warranted or implied and your results will depend on many factors (full disclaimer)


We’ve Had Success With Just About Every Diagnosis You Can Think Of…



Diminished Ovarian Reserve


High FSH

Irregular Cycles

Recurrent Miscarriage

Short Luteal Phase

Unexplained Infertility


Your initial consultation is free. Come meet us in person and learn more.

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Common Questions


    Acupuncture gently provides guidance to your neurological and endocrine axis (the hormones that provide the messaging system between brain and reproductive glands), it also improves circulation to your reproductive organs (uterus and ovaries), and lastly it allows the body to handle stress much more effectively – the sum result of which allows your body to function much more efficiently.


    Herbal medicines have been used for fertility issues for centuries. The powerful, yet common combinations we recommend support depleted glands to repair themselves, fine-tune the endocrine system, lessen inflammation and have many other calming effects on your reproductive function.


    Absolutely. You will receive specific dietary recommendations based on your unique needs in addition to our fertility diet plan that we’ve used for over a decade to help over a thousand couples conceive.


    We’ve seen it take as little as 4 weeks and as long as 12 months. Everybody is different and the time prognosis varies.


    As of 2016, 70% of the patients we see for fertility issues end up having a baby.


    Bottom line is that your situation is unique and once we meet with you we will be able to give you our best estimate of time and prognosis of outcome.

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