Ancient wisdom and Contemporary Science fused together

Our medicine works so well because we listen to your body and offer help for the entire system. Your body seeks, with infinite success, to be healthy so often times we don’t need to change much in order for substantial changes to take place. This is why tiny needles, tucked into specific places on the body, can have such a profound effect. In the same way, herbal decoctions of plants and roots from halfway around the world can move the body to manifest a completely new level of health.

We look at the entire system and not just one limb or one organ. Our bodies live in an environment and are affected by all the various inputs that are around us; our food, our EMF exposure, our stress level all have an impact on our bodies. The same is true with our internal environment, no part of us lives in isolation. The blood flow to the liver affects the state of the pancreas, and the health of the kidneys affects the status of the heart. Fortunately, we have a way of addressing all of these organ systems as well as the muscles and tendons and bones that support them, its called Chinese Medicine.

If you would like to have a complete review of your health status, past and present. And if you would like someone to truly listen to you so that true healing can take place please call our office or click here to schedule a visit. Your initial consultation will enable us to determine whether or not we can help you achieve your health-related goals.